Investment plans

  • Training for beginners
  • Secondary Income Plan
  • Family plan
  • Retirement Plan
  • Vacation Plan
  • VIP Plan
Training for beginners

Everyone can make money with our plans. If you are new to trading, we offer a beginner training course with a range of theoretical and practical lessons. Completing the course will allow you to master trading from basic skills to a stable income. After registering an account, a manager will contact you and draw up a personal financial plan based on your level of knowledge and skills. Your big financial goals can be realized whether you are a beginner or a pro.

We make sure that each client realizes all his individual potential.

Secondary Income Plan

Secondary income is an additional source of permanent income which gives the ability to increase one’s capital.

With the help of our tools, you can earn an impressive additional income by trading and investing. Compared to business, this approach has certain advantages. Setting up a business as a secondary income is a complex and costly process; and before it becomes profitable, the risks of losing your investment are usually too high.

We offer a creation of an impressive secondary income in a short period, taking into account your capabilities.

Family plan

When creating a family plan, the goals, capabilities, needs and resources of each family member are taken into account. The weaknesses of each of the participants can be compensated for by the capabilities of the rest of the family. Thus, your family strategy for achieving goals becomes effective and brings results.
Each member of the plan performs his own tasks, leading to the financial growth of all members.
We will provide you with a family financial plan and create personal trading accounts for each plan participant regardless of age (it can be your parents, grandparents, or a child of 18 years old or above.
A personal manager will help each participant to implement all financial transactions.

Retirement Plan

Retirement may mean the end of a career, but not the end of financial development. Almost half of the people aged 60+ plan to work for the rest of their lives because they cannot afford to retire. A retirement plan is an opportunity not only to ensure your financial stability after retirement but also to increase your income.

The plan includes items such as planning investments in real estate and financial instruments, including a source of secondary income in the plan, changing and eliminating unnecessary costs, optimizing operating income and revising the insurance system.

The retirement plan is suitable for clients of all income levels. After analyzing your possibilities, we will offer: training programs, concrete steps to achieve financial goals and support of qualified specialists.

Vacation Plan

We create automated deductions to achieve material goals: holidays in exotic countries, celebrating important life events, buying real estate, cars, luxury goods, studying abroad and much more.
When making an individual plan, we focus on the goals and financial capabilities of each client. By setting up monthly automatic deductions from income to a deposit account, you can get what you want in a short time.
This method is convenient, does not require reminders and the premature wasting of the deferred amount is impossible.

VIP Plan

The VIP plan makes you a part of a closed VIP community with the most profitable trades and strategies from the best traders. As a VIP trader, you are also the first to gain access to all new insured trades in real-time.

Members of this plan have a priority in customer service and technical support. Any request is executed instantly in a live chat or via e-mail. Fast interaction with the TowardsSource team is an advantage that will allow you to conduct your trading activities more efficiently.