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Security of funds

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We provide a high level of data protection
For multi-layered data protection, we use the following methods:

– Secure Socket Layer technology ensures the security of the entire transaction history in the TowardsSource system, as well as maintains the confidentiality of any personal data. Using of SSL technology ensures that your payment information and other personal data are not accessible to third parties.

– The connection between the trading platform and the personal manager is protected by digital encryption.
– The latest Internet technologies for protecting data of electronic payment systems, such as Visa / MasterCard / Maestro are used for increased data protection.
– The TowardsSource regularly monitors and evaluates the privacy policy to improve the level of data security, as well as the quality of services.
– The possibilities of risks associated with the protection of personal data are constantly monitored by our technical experts. We regularly update security technologies in our system.

We guarantee the security of the personal data and payment information of our Customers.