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In accordance to this Agreement between TowardsSource and the party (hereinafter referred as the “Client” or the “Customer”) which created the trading account with TowardsSource (hereinafter referred as the “Company”).

All of the Terms and Conditions of use of the Site are accepted by the Client.
Not accepting any term or condition, in whole or in part, will terminate any activity on the Company’s Site.
In order to participate in any activity on the Site and to maintain a trading account with the Company, an individual must have reached the age of 18 years or older.
Once it is identified that the account holder is under the legal age, the account will be deactivated and terminated.


1.1 The Customer shall be fully acquainted with this Agreement and shall fully understand its essence and general conditions, including the annexes.

1.2 The information provided on the Website is submitted for the Client’s use. Additionally, the Customer is entitled to visit the trading platform.

1.3 The Company is authorized to develop the trading account, increase its level or type, update or amend the Website or the General Conditions of Use in the event that it is proven to be beneficial to the Client.

1.4 From the moment these Terms of Use are announced, the development of these Terms of Use shall take effect.

1.5 As long as the Client has not notified the Company of his desire to terminate the Agreement or approved any changes while continuing to use the Trading Platform, the Client accepts the changes made.

1.6 Making any actions by the Client with the external update system, as well as starting up a robot that applies simulated intelligent systems analysis in practice on the Company’s Platform is expressly forbidden.


The Company conducts all operations aimed at complying with AML Policy, as well as protecting against money laundering and terrorist financing.

The Company reserves its right to decline any obligation, in case if, according to the Company’s opinion, any suspicious activity / any connection to money laundering / cooperation with representatives of malicious activities has been detected.

According to the AML and KYC Policies, each Customer of the Company must complete the verification procedure by fulfilling the Company’s mandatory Terms and Conditions.

All mandatory data and any necessary procedures must be completed to enable the Company to cooperate properly.

That includes reliable and truthful verification of each Client’s identity.

The Card (Credit/Debit Card) or the Bank Account used by the Client to carry out the process of transferring funds to the Company shall be registered or issued under the name that is specified in the account of the bearer.

The bank account and/or the card (Debit/Credit Card) to which the funds are withdrawn in whole or in part from the Client’s trading account must be registered or issued under the same name as the one indicated in the bearer’s account.

Any account opened with the same name as a result of an error is considered invalid.
The Client is allowed to open only one account under his or her own name.


To prevent improper use of any personal information received from the Client, i.e. personal data and financial transactions, all the security measures are used by the Company, guaranteeing the protection and confidentiality of electronic data transmission.


It is mandatory to provide a color scan of both sides of the ID/passport/driver’s license.
In order to confirm the home address the Company requires a color scanned copy of the utility bill (or any other appropriate document) that includes the Customer’s name, valid address and the date of issue (not more than 3 months old).
If the account was activated by the card transaction method the Company requires scanned copies of both sides of the card used in color.
When presenting the card, the Client must hide the personal CVV code on the back of the document, leaving other information uncovered.
The last 4 digits of the credit/debit card number must remain visible (on the front and back) as well as the signature on the back side.
The Client can hide the first 12 digits of the credit/debit card number.


It is strictly prohibited for any person or entity in a particular jurisdiction or any citizen of a particular jurisdiction to use or copy this information to pursue any illegal activity or any other purpose contrary to the laws of any relevant jurisdiction, Company’s and/or any of its division’s bylaws.
All information about the services, the Site itself and the information provided on it, as well as the tools and other property, may not be transmitted by any person or entity located in current jurisdiction.
The Client is required to agree and follow the terms and conditions, observing all the prescribed settings for the proper use of the website and its tools, in order to prevent any unlawful acts or infringements as well as the disclosure of the prohibited material uploaded by the user, which could compromise the rights of the Company.


For any extreme (accidental, indirect, direct, or of any kind) damages resulting from the use (or improper use) of the product, including but not limited to damages caused by loss of business profits, currency incidents, governmental decrees, instability on financial markets with a sharp drop in liquidity, as well as for any other material losses, the Company is not liable, even if informed in advance, for such damages, under any circumstances, including the Customer’s refusal.


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The copyright in any content, pages, screens posted on the Website ( belongs to the Company.


The present Agreement is entered into by (hereinafter the “Company” under the trademark TowardsSource) and the Client, who has opened a trading account on the Company’s online trading platform, recognized by the Company as the Client (hereinafter the “Client” or the ” Customer”) under the terms and conditions provided in the present Agreement.


This Agreement contains all legally attached documents submitted by the Company and the Client, as well as the occasional changes to the terms and conditions set out on the Company’s trading platform, under which the Company will assist the Client with regard to placing orders and trading.

The Client is obliged to confirm his identity by providing the necessary documents in accordance with the conditions of TowardsSource, verification procedure has to be passed before making transactions on the trading platform.

The Company may order to close the Client’s account (temporarily or permanently) if the relevant information was not provided earlier by the Client.
The Company also reserves the right to reject an application for opening an account with or without confirmation.


Activation of an account with the Company:
Fill out the application form for opening an account. The Company will, in its sole discretion, decide to approve your application to open an account.
Only if approved by the Company, the Client’s Account will be opened and the Client will be asked to make a deposit to his trading account.
As soon as the funds are transferred, the transferred amount will be credited to the Client’s account.
The account will be activated after fulfilling the requirements above.


In order to complete the desired transaction, the Client can transfer funds to the account in accordance with the purpose provided by the Company by transferring the allowed amount of money in the Client’s bank account.

To complete the transaction, the Company provides next payment methods: credit card / debit card / bank transfer / bitcoin transfer as deposit methods.

The minimum initial deposit is limited to 200 EUR.

At TowardsSource’s discretion, the payment methods indicated on the trading platform may be modified or changed.
Possible payment methods in TowardsSource:
– Credit / Debit / Prepaid Card transfer
– Bank transfer
– Bitcoin transfer

As soon as the Client provides the Company with his payment confirmation using the appropriate payment methods, the funds transferred will be available in the trading account.

The amount transferred to the account will be available for withdrawal no earlier than 14 (fourteen) calendar days, until the Company determines the transfer at its discretion, after the transaction.

Only the current account holder can withdraw funds and only with the same payment methods used previously (credit card / debit card / prepaid card / bank transfer).

If the selected base currency differs from the base currency in your bank account, the amount sent to your credit card may differ from the amount paid due to fluctuations in exchange rates and fees charged by credit card issuers.

Thereby, the Client confirms that such dissimilarity takes place and will not try to anticipate overhead costs.

In accordance with AML policy you must use only an accessible bank account in your country of residence and transfers must be made under your name.
You must also provide an actual SWIFT confirmation or receipt confirming the transfer.
Refusal to provide such SWIFT confirmation will prevent the transfer of the outstanding amounts to your trading account. A withdrawal from your trading account to a bank account can only be sent to the bank account from which the funds were originally credited.

Your personal data and credit card information will be treated as strictly confidential, as will the personal data used to execute the orders you place through TowardsSource.
In order to secure the processing of credit cards for the financial services offered, the Company guarantees to provide all reasonable security measures.
The Company will not be liable for any failure of security measures caused by any malfunction of your electronic device used to browse the Website.
Please be sure to prevent the absence of appropriate anti-virus software, which you may not have installed on your device.

  1. Commissions may be charged by the Company to Customers when carrying out transactions, as agreed between the parties and unless otherwise agreed.
    All bank charges (transfer fees, commissions, etc.) will be charged to the Customer’s bank account. In view of the fact that bank charges are constantly changing, please contact the Customer Service Department for more precise information.
  2. Generally, the Company receives a commission for providing the Services to the Customer by entering into transactions at prices containing mark-ups, discounts and/or bid/offer ratios.
    Upon entering into a transaction, the commission shall normally be charged to the Client’s account, but it may also relate to additional requirements which are determined by the Company at certain points in time.
    However, the Client is advised that specified commissions may vary daily and regularly, depending on a multitude of circumstances, including market conditions, assets that are traded, market instruments etc.
  3. As a general rule, the Company will provide the Customer with transaction services in accordance with prices that include a bonus, discount and/or offer/allocation of requests. The transaction fee is mainly deducted from the Customer’s account, but may also be linked to other terms and conditions which the Company stipulates at certain times.
  4. The Company restrains a payment processing fee when the Company transfers funds to the Client from the Trading Account.
  5. In the case of all active positions that remain open daily after the end of the trading session, a swap fee at a fixed rate may be applied.
  6. However, the Company retains the right from time to time to make changes in the amount and percentage of commission fees, with further notification of the Client.
  7. On this basis, the Commission of the Company has the right to make periodic changes in the amount and percentage of its commission fees, with further informing the Client.
  1. When signing up for participation in the Company’s bonus program or accepting bonus or any other means of the Company, the Client confirms his/her consent to become properly acquainted with the Company’s bonus policy.
  2. When the Company offers the Client some additional bonuses, and the Client does not agree to this promotion, it does not affect the cooperation between the Client and the Company.
  3. Reviewing other forms of encouragement of Clients, the Company has developed specifics and peculiarities of the campaigns and bonuses. It is possible for the Company to select the Clients according to the offers submitted in a certain thematic area. There will be offers to the Clients, special promotions or bonuses on equal terms. All features of the offered bonus must be carefully considered by the Client. This policy is obligatory for the Client during the whole period of bonus validity.
  4. A sufficient level of knowledge in the field of trading is required to manage bonuses on the part of the Client. Without proper qualification the use of bonuses and promotions can lead to losses or may not contribute to profits. Using CFD trading, there is a risk of losing bonus funds.
  5. Selling or transferring bonuses to third parties is prohibited. Bonuses and promotions under certain conditions are granted to a certain trading account and cannot be transferred to another trading account.
  6. The currency used for bonuses and promotions is exactly the same as the basic currency that Client’s account is set to.
  7. The duration of offers and bonuses is set by the Company. All offers are subject to the terms and conditions of all bonuses. If the Client does not accept the terms, the Company has the right to cancel this offer. In this case, the terms of the bonus or promotion cannot be changed without any preliminary notification by the Company.
  8. The Company has the right to terminate bonuses or close the Client’s trading account in case the Company suspects that the Client is misusing the Company’s actions or violating the contractual relations between the Company and the Client.
  9. The application for withdrawal of funds from the Bonus Account will be considered in case the necessary trading volume is reached: Bonus Amount *7 in lots, or in case the Bonus Amount has been replaced by the Client’s own funds.
  10. Service of the account with the Company’s credits will be limited to withdrawals in accordance with repayment or under the turnover agreement.

CFD is a derivative asset, which is used by the Client for the specific purpose of gaining profit as a result of fluctuations in the underlying asset. The investor chooses a long position on the assumption that the underlying asset will increase in value. In the opposite case, a short position is chosen if there is confidence that the market value of the asset will decrease. When trading, one should also take into account that unexpected changes in market data and government policies can lead to drastic changes.
Given the specific nature of CFDs, there may be a significant impact on the level of profits from small movements. An unfavorable impact on the value of the underlying asset may result in a margin refund to the provider. By violating margin conditions, the provider also reserves the right to terminate the Client’s position or the Client will be forced to sell at a loss of profit.


The impact of market conditions on many financial processes can increase the risk of loss. If there is insufficient trading volume in the market for the underlying asset, your remaining contract may become illiquid. In such circumstances, you may be required by your CFD provider to pay additional margin, or the contract may be terminated at a lower price.
Although, the price of a CFD may decrease until your trade is filled at the price you previously contracted for, which is also known as a “gap”, as the structure of the financial market changes rapidly. As a consequence, in this case, the owner of the contract will have to make a sub-optimal profit or cover the losses incurred by the CFD provider.


Using stop loss orders can help reduce your exposure to risk in CFD trading. Guaranteed stop loss orders, offered by some CFD providers, represent a pre-determined price with automatic termination of the contract upon execution.
When trading CFDs, however, even with a small initial investment and potential profit, their use can lead to illiquid assets and large losses.
It is important to assess the risks associated with the use of borrowed funds when deciding whether to participate in one of these types of investments. The likelihood of losses may be higher than previously assumed.


In accordance with this Agreement, the Client hereby accepts in full and agrees to be bound by TowardsSource, its directors, officers or employees, as well as to remain fully liable for any damages, losses, costs or expenses resulting from the Client’s failure to comply with his/her responsibilities as set forth in the Agreement and in connection with any failure to comply with relevant laws or regulations.

Secondary transfers of funds to the trading account of the Client made at their own initiative, shall be deemed as Confirmation of the high quality of services provided by TowardsSource.
The Company shall use English language for communication with the Client. However, by prior agreement, any other language acceptable to both parties to the Agreement may be selected.
The Company may from time to time make changes or additions to this Agreement or its terms and conditions without the Client’s consent by placing the amended terms and conditions on the Site.

This Agreement has been drafted in the English language. Whenever there is a conflict of understanding between the translated version of this Agreement and the English version, the English version shall take precedence. Client may contact in the event of a claim to resolve it. The review of the application may take up to 7-10 business days.

During this period, the Company analyzes all transaction history, phone records, e-mail information and documentation provided by the Client. If required, the Client shall be informed of the possibility of the Company requesting additional information or documents.

The Company reserves the right to charge a commission for trading on inactive trading accounts in the absence of transactions made through the trading account of the Client, or extremely low activity of the Client for a period specified by the Company (previously discussed between the Client and the Manager), as well as in the presence of a minimum balance on the trading account of the Client.

The Company establishes a minimum amount that can be managed on an ongoing basis. All conditions are determined by the Company. The Company supplies the Client with additional information in the specified cases if the amount of payment is invalid.
The Company reserves the right, in the event of termination of this Agreement, to limit and completely close both some and all current open positions and/or provide access to the Client’s trading account.